Making AI more inclusive through imagery

Visualising AI is an initiative by DeepMind that aims to open up conversations around AI. Commissioning a diverse range of artists to create open source imagery, the project seeks to make AI more accessible to the general public. The project explores the roles and responsibilities of the technology. It weighs up concerns and the societal benefits in a highly original collection of works by world-class creators.
Visualising AI invites artists to contribute to the growing open-source collection. The commissioned artworks provide a glimpse into various topics about AI, hoping to encourage further conversation around them. Each artist takes on a theme to transform into unique imagery. The subject matter includes robotics, neuroscience, ethics, safety, methods of machine learning and more. Experts in these fields are paired with the artists to offer further insight. Crucially, the artists’ process is interference free - each artist has creative freedom to visualise the themes however they see fit - from the abstract to the literal, each image is an authentic representation of the artist’s take on AI.

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To make the collection as readily accessible as possible, we partnered with Unsplash to distribute the artworks under an open-source licence. Unsplash is an image sharing platform fuelling creativity through a library of millions of pictures. Its users have downloaded over four billion images to date. As long as you have access to the internet and a device, anyone from anywhere can join the Unsplash community for free and enjoy its vast banks of inspiration.